The Virtual Museum

The surviving parts of Layton’s collection can be found in several locations. The books, manuscripts, maps and prints are kept with the Local Studies Collection at Hounslow Library. Apart from the sword which Layton gave to the British Museum, most of the objects are at the Museum of London, though a few are at Gunnersbury Park Museum. Layton also presented fossil bones from the Kew Bridge Railway cutting to the British Museum and these form part of the research collections at the Natural History Museum.


The British Museum‘s Collections website

Hounslow Libraries – this link takes you to a search on Layton, revealing which of his books have been added to their Virtual Library

Gunnersbury Park Museum – the museum’s collections are not yet on line, but a few of Layton’s archaeological objects are on show

The Museum of London‘s list of 1487 of Layton’s objects in Collections Online

The Museum of London‘s ceramics & glass database, reveals a list of 349 of Layton’s objects, most with illustrations

The Museum of London‘s London Before London gallery displays a large number of objects collected by Layton. Choose search catalogue then type Layton into simple object search to reveal the 135 objects displayed.

An article about antiquarians, collectors and dealers on the Museum of London website provides a context for Layton’s collecting

Thames Pilot lists River Thames material from numerous collections and includes a selection of prints, books and manuscripts from Layton’s collection